Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gardening refers to the art or skill of growing plants in the garden with the goal of crafting a purposeful landscape. There are so many people who have gardens outside their house who are becoming more interested in the art of gardening. After all who would not like to see a beautiful well maintained garden when they enter their house? Residential gardening refers to gardening outside residential properties. A garden is normally located on land outside the house but there might be gardens that are located on the roof or in an atrium, a balcony or a window-box.

Many people also maintain gardens in non residential places like green areas, amusement and theme parks, hotels and corporate houses. Non residential gardens are maintained by professional gardeners or groundskeepers. It is necessary to maintain the garden on a regular basis as an unkempt garden is not a treat to watch and it also reflects badly on the owner.

There are people who prefer indoor gardening. In the case of indoor gardening people may grow houseplants in their residence, or may have a conservatory or a greenhouse. Indoor gardens are often implemented as part of the air conditioning or heating systems. Water gardening is concerned with growing the plants in ponds or pools. Bog gardens are also known as a type of water gardens. There are people who just build a simple water garden in their bath tubs by growing several plants in them.

Many people refer to garden designing and gardening to be the same. Garden design is considered to be an art of designing the garden while gardening refers to the maintenance of the garden. There are hundreds of designs from several countries to choose from. However before adopting any garden design it is very necessary to know whether the conditions, especially the climatic conditions will allow you to do a particular type of garden design. The Japanese have come out with fantastic garden designs form several centuries. Also you will find beautiful landscapes all over Europe with notable gardens and landscaped parklands such as Versailles.

Today there are many people who hire the services of a professional like a garden architect or a garden designer for creative designs in private garden spaces. Gardening has now become a hobby for many people and they enjoy it so much that they are also encouraging their friends to take up the art.